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About Starfire Seminars

Starfire Seminars is set to become the market leader in Human Potential and Development Training. Offering individual and corporate training programs, Starfire allows people to become all that they can be.

Starfire is unique in concept. Flexible and affordable, individual and corporate, Starfire training programs provide challenges and techniques to attain personal excellence on all levels.

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Let go of ‘Limiting’ Beliefs

What if your staff and colleagues had no limiting beliefs, and could find reserves of innovative and dynamic action at will? If excellence and constant, never-ending improvement were a reality and not a dream? Sounds idyllic! But how many companies really attain such goals? Now you can experience what many successful companies World-wide have already attained through the unique training methods of Starfire seminars.


Simon Treselyan

With over twenty years’ instructional experience, and currently working in thirteen countries worldwide, Simon is a well-known figure in the Human Potential Movement. His seminars have inspired hundreds to find and apply their inner power to success on every level.

A Martial Arts instructor and Ex-Special Forces Operator, Simon brings powerful resources such as mental focus and inner personal power to Starfire Seminars.

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Download “The Warrior’s Creed”.

Who dares for success?

This book, written by Simon Treselyan, explores the concepts, techniques and skills of Special Forces, who enjoy an unshakeable belief in their excellence across the entire spectrum of society, and submits those fundamentals in such a manner as to be applied in everyday life for everyday lifestyles.